Gimp or Photoshop, hmmm….

free texture- VisionsToday I was looking around for a photo/image editor. My needs for image editing are fairly basic – touchup, adding text, re-scaling, image maps, etc. Taking my own advice I decided to see what open source offerings were out there. I came across the image editor Gimp. What a wondeful piece of technology this program is. If you are not a professional computer graphics artist, its hard to imagine how you could justify spending $700 for a copy of PhotoShop when GIMP is out there for free. GIMP has a tremendous feature set which includes layering and alpha channels. There are lots of plug-in transforms, filters and color tools that come with it. If that wasn’t enough there are additional tools for creating image maps for your web site pages and an animation tool for creating animated gif’s.

A great way to see what the program can do is to check out the tutorials on the product site. Or there’s some also some great stuff on the fan site

So I saved myself and my company $700 today and got the job done in fine style. Can’t beat them apples!

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