Zune car kit – impressive, no really!

transatlanticismJust a short note on an addition I made to the Bazaar this morning… I received a Zune music player for Christmas this year and am really quite impressed by it all. I had a few difficulties in the beginning finding my way around. But now I really grok the whole thing and am using 100% of the features and loving it. This morning I tried out the car kit for the Zune which is a combination charger and FM transmitter. I have used FM transmitters before and have always found them sadly lacking. They just don’t seem to have enough power and tend to have a lot of noise and static.

Ah, but the Zune car kit has made a believer out of me. Upon first connection it downloaded some software to my Zune and then started up. I pressed the seek button and it found a radio station. I tuned my car stereo to the station displayed on the LCD and found my music. The fidelity was as good as any FM station I get from my car stereo. Plus the music titles and the group name scroll across my radio’s display, which was something I didn’t know about or anticipate happening. All in all, a simple device that does the job just about perfectly.

So I’ve added it and the Zune to the Bazaar as something I can recommend. The Bazaar is a showcase on Amazon for some of the products I have become very fond of recently. Some of the items listed there I don’t actually own yet but certainly wish I did. If you’re in the mood to add a little stimulus to the economy, give it a browse.

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