Most College Degrees have a negative ROI

The Florida State UniversityROI (or Return On Investment) is the bottom line when evaluating a stock holding or a business endeavor. If your primary reason for going to college is to have a higher salary than your hapless friend who became a plumber’s apprentice, then you may need to take a few additional math courses. This is one of my pet peeves — and is probably self serving since I don’t have a college degree myself. But anyhooo… :-)

I got to thinking about this today after seeing this blog posting from Zoho. Yes, I agree with this completely. That college degree that may have cost you $120,000 in real money and untold amounts in “lost opportunity” costs, will almost certainly prove to be a losing investment in the long run. You might have been better off investing the money in penny stocks.

Having said that, if your goal when going to college was to party down nightly (and daily?), rock out and meet the love of your life — ok, now that might be worth the money. But don’t pretend its any sort of investment in the classic sense. 

Suffice it to say is if you give me a resume to look at I don’t pay any attention to the education section. I, like the Zoho folks, want to see what you have done in life; what products you have made; how other businesses valued your participation.


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