Midwest AirlinesAfter my recent trip to Denver on Frontier Airlines, I’ve been reflecting on how much a difference it makes to have an extra inch of legroom in front of your airline seat. Typically I fly Delta or Continental whose jets are far less comfortable. Especially those small Brazilian jets that Continental flies to Houston from West Palm Beach. Those seats actually caused me physical injury which I would rather not describe. :-)

There appears to be an inverse relationship with the size of the airline and the comfort of the seat. Check this article out. Midwest Airlines essentially gives you a business class seat in coach. Its a wonderful thing… and I wish I flew to Kansas City and Chicago more often. But Frontier Airlines is good, as is JetBlue. I can even say nice things about TAM, the Brazilian airline whose long haul planes are very comfortable indeed and the service is a cut well above our domestic airlines – and less expensive to boot. You will also see on the table in that article that Delta and Continental are among the worst for legroom and seat size. And recent news suggests they are both going to squeeze us further.

So if you have a choice, check out the little guys for more seat at the same price or less. And while I’m on the subject of the airlines, I just had to pay Continental a freakin $200 in addition to 60,000 frequent flier miles for the privilege of upgrading two passenger’s round trip tickets. Its seems odd that Continental thinks its a good idea to shore up their finances by draining much of the value away from the frequent flier miles their best customers have accumulated. I can’t think of anything they could have possibly done to make me feel more disgusted with them. Suffice it to say, if I’m not flying to Houston, I will not be flying Continental. Cramped seats, poor service and now thievery have put me off permanently.

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