Gekko geckoBitLizard’s Blog is a collection of the musings and mutterings of Ron Roberts. An entreprenurial sort from the beginning, I started my first business in 1975 at the age of 19 – a computer programming consultancy. In the early 1980′s I co-founded a company at the dawn of the personal computer age that was reasonably successful. Brightbill-Roberts & Co., Ltd. was the creator of many commercial software titles, the best known of which was Show Partner F/X – a presentation graphics authoring platform.

After 10 years or so, I split from that company which was being renderred obsolete by Microsoft Windows based products, and started consulting again. Eventually I would wind up at a firm doing the toughest programming I have ever been associated with. Absolute Entertainment was in the video game business, doing titles for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, Sega CD and PlayStation. The code was all assembly language and the tools were all of the embedded development variety. The development team was absolutely fantastic – artists, writers, musicians, programmers — all top notch. But a few business missteps and some breathtaking bad luck brought that company down. I was very sad to see it go.

I moved myself and my family to the tiny hamlet of Cochecton, NY. We lived across the street from the General Store in the big white house at the center of the village. This was also the home of Cochecton Multimedia Inc. — which was a quite humorous name, I thought. I guess you have to visit Cochecton to understand why. But I did some interesting work with that consultancy, notably WorldClass Network (an online distance learning platform) for which I am listed as an inventor on the major patent. For a time, I also commuted into the big city as VP Research & Development at Voyetra – Turtle Beach. This was a trying time as I had to leave my family behind in Cochecton 4 days a week. I didn’t want to move into the NYC area and consequently didn’t last there very long.

One of my big clients at Cochecton Multimedia was M. C. Miller Co – a company that built testing equipment for oil & gas pipelines. When they decided to move to Florida I was faced with losing a large portion of my business. So I signed on as the Director of Software Development there. I am still there and am now the Vice President. My full profile can be viewed on LinkedIn.

I have a wife and four children (all teenagers now) and we all live happily in Vero Beach, Florida. Our household also includes a giant great dane named ‘Beau’ and a reclusive cat named Sasha.

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