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GearsHere are the applications and libraries of free software that I have released into the wild. There is not much here at the moment. But as I see opportunities to share my work I will add to this over time. If you have any questions, licensing needs or support issues needs please feel free to contact me at <ron splat>.

 API dotNet Wrapper      

download version 1.0 released 30-Jan-2009 is a site offering a great service at a very good price. Its an invoicing service that has a number of features designed to make a business owner’s life easier. Your customers can go online at any time and view or pay their invoice. You can set up recurring profiles for invoices that are generated repeatedly. You can log time against projects and add those entries to any invoices. The project is a Visual Studio 2008 project using the c# language and the dotNet framework 3.5. It includes a library of wrappers for the api methods provided by FreshBooks and a routine that test a number of the methods. There are some limitations here and there (see the readme.txt). But this wrapper should give you all you need to perform significant manipulations of the FreshBooks site from an or Windows forms application.


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