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To go where no man as gone before

Published on January 31, 2009 By BitLizard

There is a spirited debate going on at the Economist advocating that NASA abandon its plans to send a manned mission to Mars. Now this is a topic that I have strong feelings about, as you might be able to guess. And the debate fascinates me as much as it frustrates me. The people commenting [...]

Old Man’s War series

Published on January 3, 2009 By BitLizard

Do you like classic science fiction? And no, I’m not talking about 50’s sci-fi B-movies. But stuff like Asimov, Pohl and Heinlein? Well then you will be very well served by John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War novels. These books are set in a not-so-far future with faster-than-light travel, transhuman augmentation, and many different, intelligent (and [...]

Bringing it up

Published on December 9, 2008 By BitLizard

After many years of having a personal blog site that I never updated, I’ve decided to try and turn a new leaf and start from scratch. Using the WordPress.org software has turned out to be an enjoyable learning experience. Once I had it up and running I found that it was tempting to start hacking [...]