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Personality Test

Published on February 6, 2009 By BitLizard

A Scott Hanselman tweat led me to a site with a lot of questions that serve to determine your Meyers-Briggs personality type. I came out as type INTJ. Hmmm, not sure if that resembles me or not. Certainly some of it sounds like an accurate description. What do you think? ECHO? Hello-lo-lo-lo? I signed up [...]

Why Bitlizard?

Published on December 10, 2008 By BitLizard

Bitlizard is a favorite user id of mine that I began using when, moving from Compuserve to AOL in the days before the www, I found that my “bitwizard” id was already taken. BitWizard (the ‘bit’ a reference to my assembly language ability) now seems a bit unseemly – a bit too self congratulatory and [...]