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FOWA Miami 2009

Published on February 25, 2009 By BitLizard

Well, the pain and suffering I went through to get myself down to the FOWA show in Miami was definitely worth it. I drove down to Miami after dinner on Monday night and stayed at the AWESOME DoubleTree Grand hotel that evening. (Thanks for the carboliscious cookie that was so not on my diet!) Up [...]

Gimp or Photoshop, hmmm….

Published on January 19, 2009 By BitLizard

Today I was looking around for a photo/image editor. My needs for image editing are fairly basic – touchup, adding text, re-scaling, image maps, etc. Taking my own advice I decided to see what open source offerings were out there. I came across the image editor Gimp. What a wondeful piece of technology this program [...]

The Best Things in Computing are Free

Published on December 24, 2008 By BitLizard

It amazes me that given the high quality of free software applications these days, that cash-pinched businesses still slavishly and unthinkingly expend large amounts of money on the next version of Windows,  or Microsoft Office, VMWare, etc. Well let me open your eyes, folks. In a lot of cases there are free versions of that [...]