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And I thought I was well traveled!

Published on January 5, 2009 By BitLizard

A rather humbling little tool that shows you just how little of the world you’ve seen in your life. Give it a try… But perhaps this year I will add significantly to this map. I have prospective gigs in China, Pakistan and Azerbaijan. I don’t know whether any of them will pan out, but time [...]

Viva Brasil!

Published on January 2, 2009 By BitLizard

The last several years I have traveled extensively in Brazil on business, attending trade shows, meeting with prospective customers, and tending to my first few customers there. Its been a very interesting set of experiences and has all been made quite enjoyable by the efforts of my agent and good friend Marcelo Diaz in Sao [...]

Albuquerque sure has changed

Published on December 11, 2008 By BitLizard

Earlier this month I attended a business meeting in Albuquerque, a city I lived in from the age of 1 year old to about 12. My memories from when I was 12 are predictably spotty. But I *do* remember enough that I have an idea of the layout of the city. Or rather the center-city. [...]